Do I Need an Extended License to Use Stock Photos for Commercial Use?

Stock photos, vectors, illustrations and fonts can be purchased with two types of licenses: standard and extended. Under both licenses, you can use downloaded stock photos for prints, posters and other reproductions. The main difference between them is the number of reproductions allowed. If you have a standard license you cannot reproduce any image more than the stock agency allows. If you intend to do so, then you should acquire an extended license here.

Here is a list of applications for an Extended License:

  • Advertising posters for promoting sale of products
  • eBooks
  • Advertising copy in newspapers, magazines, books, textbooks, book covers and directories
  • CD or DVD cover art and artwork
  • Multimedia presentations for distribution and sale
  • Multimedia presentations for broadcast and theatrical display
  • As a background image or splash screen for software
  • As artwork for packaging of any product
  • In coordination with opt-in marketing
  • Business cards, brochures, pamphlets, catalogs and pop-up displays for trade shows and conventions

With an extended license, you can use stock photos for commercial use. You can also use them as decoration in homes, offices, restaurants, stores and public areas. For private, non-commercial use, the Standard License is the way to go; otherwise, you need to get an Extended License.

What is the best source for buying images for commercial use?

Many stock photo agencies offer Extended License. In most cases, it is included in on-demand purchases. Here is the top 3 list of agencies that offer images for commercial use:

  1. Stock Photo Secrets
    A stock photo agency created especially for small and medium businesses, SPS offers one of the cheapest deals in the market. For as low as $80 per pack, you can access over 4 million high quality images and download them with an Extended License. Be a member and you can get a 50% discount.
  2. Shutterstock
    One of the most popular stock photo agencies, Shutterstock offers photos for commercial use for as low as $199 for 2 images. Depending on the size of the pack you buy, a single image will cost you between $68 and $99.50. The packs are valid for one year after your purchase, giving you lots of flexibility to use them in any project.
  3. Adobe Stock
    Adobe’s very own stock photo site, AS is deeply integrated to Creative Cloud editing applications – providing a seamless workflow. They offer images for commercial use at very convenient prices. For only $79.99 per photo, you can enjoy the benefits of an Extended License.

Do you need an Extended License to use images in commercial purposes? Absolutely. Unless you are buying the images personal use, you should always secure an Extended (Enhanced in other stock photo site) License. By far the best deal you can get in the market is with Stock Photo Secrets. You can get the license for as low as $22 per photo.

Buying photos with an Extended License is a very cost-effective way to create amazing designs on merchandise for sale. The costs are really low with the above the stock photo sites, so you should definitely grab them now!